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Sweet Pea Slip-Up

I've always grown sweet peas from seed every year for as long as I can remember and each time the results have been wonderful. My technique - sewing them in individual pots indoors, cutting them back and gently hardening them off until the frosts have disappeared - has never failed me and so has remained unchanged. Then comes along this year....

I have done everything exactly how I always have and my batch of Albutt Blue's are thriving. Not so for my Prince of Orange seeds. Only two, stringy, weak-looking seedlings have appeared. All other seeds of this variety have risen to the top of the pots, surrounded by something that I can only describe as lichen-looking, and have completely gone to mush! 

Has anyone encountered this problem before / know what may have gone wrong (particularly with the Prince of Orange variety) ? Perhaps this is just a bad batch of seeds? 

Any advice would be much appreciated! image 


  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 4,434

    Hi Kate, I'm fairly new to growing from seed and my sweet peas are April in Paris, but the go to man on sweetpeas on this forum is DavidK, he has a sweet pea thread, copy your post to that and he will see it and I'm sure will be able to advice, best of luck image

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