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Narrow raised bed help!

I have a narrow yard (end of terrace) which has 2 narrow raised beds (77 cm by 210) separated by a small fountain. I am a total newbie at all things garden and had been looking for so,e help planting but struggling to find assistance given they are less than a metre wide. 


I'm ideally looking for a little hight at the back and some asense of colour all year. I feel like it's a good space - we have sunlight mid morning to mid afternoon and it's pretty sheltered so keen to start out! 

Any ideas of of what or where I should be looking for would be much appreciated 

thanks in advance




  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,497

    What is behind the beds, is it a wall or a fence? If you were able to grow some climbers that would give you some height, and still leave some room in front for other things. Clematis come in many colours and some flower early and some later. One or two are evergreen and flower in winter so you could get 2 or 3 and have something nearly all year round. They do need trellis or wires or some netting to hold on to though. Some climbing roses are not too vigorous and could work too. Zephirine Drouin is an old one with a wonderful scent and it is thornless, which helps in a narrow spaceimage It has bright pink flowers almost all summer and would do well in your sunny sheltered yard.

    What other kinds of flowers do you have in mind and what sort of mood do you want to create?

  • JoGJoG Posts: 2

    I hadn't thought about climbers at all - it's a fence behind so plenty of opportunity to pop trellising on it. Thanks for the idea, elsewhere I would like to have colour and something that is wildlife friendly if possible. I am not a fan of a very urban angular look but pretty much anythingnelse goes. I guess I also need to be realistic about my skill level as well in terms of upkeep!

  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344

    Pictures would help us to visualise the space and can be attached using the tree icon on the menu.


  • ShepsSheps Posts: 2,197

    Hi JoG....I'm in roughly the same position as you re the raised beds, mine will be up against a fence and I'll be planting Black Eyed Susan and Nasturtiums to cover the fence panels and give height. Also, I'll be looking at Canary Creeper and some varieties of Lobelia to overflow and soften the front edges of the beds.

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