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Hi if anyone can help with this prob I will be very grateful. I have repotted an orchid and over the past 3 weeks or so I have noticed what I can only describe as little tiny bugs that look like flour weevils. They are in the orchid compost amongst the roots, not on the plant leaves. When I lift the plant to water it there are a few crawling on the saucer the pot sits on as well. I didn't have a problem until I repotted the orchid.  I have the plant in my bathroom. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I will be very grateful.

Thanks very much,  Carol


  • XX Posts: 707

    They sound like compost gnats Carol, harmless but annoying.

  • CarolGBCarolGB Posts: 6

    Thanks Paula, I have never heard of compost gnats but if they are harmless sounds hopeful for my orchid! Thought I was going to lose it. Thanks for your help.

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