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  • Re the member writing about Begonia Sutherlandii, I know of a reliable source where young growing tubers can be purchased along with many other types of Begonia.
    I can provide details if you wish.
    I bought some from them in the past.
  • Sonia: almost certainly beastly pigeons.
  • Sonia, grow cut and come again lettuce etc on your windowsills - much safer and so convenient. Replace the ones you lost with spinach seed. Young spinach leaves are great in salad and on sandwiches and a great alternative to lettuce. In three days you could be eating your own mung bean sprouts, also grown indoors. Put the lettuce disaster behind you -someone with your enthusiasm will soon be growing all sorts of salad veg.
  • I bought some tulips to match a pot that they would live in. They looked incredible and I photographed them, such was my pride in the result.

    However, they have since turned sick: one year growing curly and with striped leaves then the next, when I threw them out into the main garden to the mercy of the clay, they came up much larger, a different colour and with renewed vigour. Have they reverted to type or something?
  • Thaks Jude,no wonder I couldn't track them down!Gorgeous little plant, so glad I'll be able to find them again.If you do have any spare,let me know what seed packet I could send you in return for your inconvenience. Thanks Netizen also; at least I can google them now. From my experience, your freesias will likely grow, but flowering might be trickier. Worth hanging on til next year?
  • I am a beginner in gardening. This year I planted many tulips and they all had beautiful flowers, red, deep dark red, and whites.
    I've found some very interesting points in your writing. But can you advise me if I can store my bulbs in the green house or the garden shed until November to be planted again?
  • Vida: You can. Wait for the flowers to fall and the leaves to wither then did them up and store (without soil) in the shed until November.
  • I've only been in a new house for 6 months and decided just to have a few pots out for my first year as i've not done any gardening before. I have a couple of pots with freesias and was just wondering if i'm supposed to let all the plant die down and leave the bulbs till next year or do i need to take them out of the pot and store then somewhere? They flowered quite well but they are all dying off now, what shall i do with them!? thanks
  • which is better blue or white..
  • I regularly take photographs of the plants in my garden - hubby thinks I'm slightly obsessive and he may be right - but as well as being lovely to look back on during the cold, dark, dreich winter, I find that it's a great tool to remembering seasonal plants such as spring bulbs - their location and how they looked together and with surrounding plants. As my garden is only a couple of years old it's also a great reminder of the work I put in to start it, and how my carefully thought out plant purchases (and some spur of the moment 'must haves') have fared and developed.
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