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Chili plants indoors

I bought a small chili plant (from Suttons) at the market last summer- I kept it on the windowsill and it produced quite a few good sized chillis for the size of the plant. I have kept it inside ever since not watering it very much over winter and now it has small little fruit with a flower that just came out today. Do I pinch the flower off? Is it the same as a tomato plant? Do I pollinate it by hand like suggested with a paint brush when it gets another flower? 


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  • It's quite common to read about people hand pollinating with small brushes or cotton buds, but I don't really think it is necessary. Chillies easily self pollinate or cross pollinate with other plants, depending on growing circumstances.

    If you think they need any extra help, just give the plant a gentle tap every day or two after flowers have started forming and that will usually be enough to stimulate movement of pollen and self pollination.

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    Fruit sets better indoors if you use a paintbush & give the plant a helping hand.

    Remember to keep feeding it with a high potassium feed such as a tomato food and picking the chillis when they are ready so that it will keep flowering.

  • Good advice all noted thank you. I will need to use the paint brush trick but so far only have one flower- it would also help if I spelled chilli correctly!  

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