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Potting on help with so many seedlings!

Help! I have gone a bit mad and 1. it all started with the plug plants- perennial selection - only postage and packaging- GW offer- ( this doesn't come with a warning attached- purchase at your own risk of turning your sitting room into a garden centre)

I have 12 each of lavender- they are so cute and already smell like lavender

                            Echinacea, foxglove and aquilegia - all doing really well arrived the other day as healthy very small little plugs now sitting in individual 3" pots

Plus, cucumbers getting really big ( too early?) 2 in each little pot- sweet peas- same- chili seedlings- those are the ones that now are in their own little pots and need to start going into bigger ones- the plug plants are fine for now but I have used up all my small pots- what to do now?

I need to orchestrate some kind of system to take the ones that need to pot on into larger pots ( problem- I need to get larger pots) then take the seedlings that are now big enough to move and put them into the 3" pots- I don't think there is any hope for me except for a lot of work and some how tracking down the bigger pots since I don't have any way to get them outside except for a cloche- too cold still for that and want to get a raised bed when they are big enough to get outside.

Yikes! Any advice from the experienced gardeners!



  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Circus, we've all done exactly the same at some point. Too much sown or too much purchased, an every day occurrence. You've potted from plugs into 9 cm pots, it'll take a good while before the plugs roots fill a 9 cm pot, it's then you might think about panicking. There's no rush to pot on, do it when the plants need it, not on a scheduled basis. Pots are relatively cheap and you can get them almost anywhere, and although it's a bit cool right now in a few weeks it'll be warmer and many can go outside. You may find some of the plugs will be big enough to plant, but others won't. 

    As sergeant Wilson used to say 'Don't panic'. You may not make the same mistake again, on the other hand, your enthusiasm may.


  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    You can always improvise pots from plastic bottles, yoghurt pots & similar.  Just don't forget to make some drainage holes in the bottom.  And people throw them away at the council tip (sorry - recycling centre), particularly big ones.

  • My local GC has a bin for donated discarded pots Circus - see if yours does image That's where I got quite a few 3 and 4 litre ones.

  • You can also use thoseclearplastic punnets that the supermarkets use to pack grapes, strawberries, etc, as temporary homes for plants. They won't last long, but they won't need to.

    If you really have more plants than you can ever use, you can probably find a home for them elsewhere; give them to other gardeners, or swop for something you want. There may be a local group offering gardening to the disabled, or some sort of community gardening project, or Spring Fairs, coffee mornings etc in your local church hall; any of these may welcome donations of spare plants.

    Just make sure you keep plenty of good specimens, and a few spares in case of failure.

  • No - not the recycling centre philippa - my local garden centre image

  • Thank you - all advice well noted and appreciated. Its alot of work but really exciting.You should see my cucumber seedlings- they are huge! ????

  • Not meant to be all the question marks lol should be they are huge!????

  • Ok forget it the emotive thing isnt working image

  • You could ask on freecycle.

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Hi Circus Clown

    I do this every year! I'm slowly getting it under control, but it's just so exciting isnt it?!

    I've ended up with a gorilla garden for all of my overflow and it's starting to look lovely. 

    Lots of folks around here but extra plants out on the front with an honest box. Lovely way to get some new plants.

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