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hi all, im new to this site and looking for some advise..I would like to get either my first greenhouse or potting shed but there is so much information out there Im not sure where to begin..  i have had little plastic lean too in the past but its time to move on to the next stage image Thanks in advance


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Greenhouses are so much more useful than potting sheds, I think.

    Go for the biggest one you can. It will still turn out to be too small in the end.

  • lisealsliseals Posts: 74

    is that because of the amount of light? im getting a 10 x 10 base put in next wk image

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    A greenhouse can be used as a potting shed but not vice versa.

    You will never have enough room in your greenhouse. There will always be something more you want to grow.image

  • lisealsliseals Posts: 74

    Yes it has thank you,  from both your responses and what I have read online, it's looking like the greenhouse is the way to go 



  • I bought a green house of ebay last week for only £30.00 (2.35mx1.80m)

    so yes it pays to look around I was lucky 

    I'm in no rush to put up my green house but you should do all your ground work first 

    make sure your base is good and level, remember it will last a life time so your base should reflect this take time on your base add a water system and electricty is a plus for lighting, heat plan it for a life time of growing it will pay off

    as long as my green house is up for March I'll be happy


  • I have been given the option of having a second greenhouse or a potting shed but I think this has just helped me make up mind - another greenhouse it shall be! I think!!

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