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What to do ?

My front garden is gravel with horrible red slabs forming a border around planting beds. The beds are just conifers which look very boring. I am taking out the slabs and replanting the borders to get some colour. However i need something to form a border to separate the gravel and soil. Not sure what i want but looking online everything seems to be plastic which i dont want. Any ideas ?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,583

    Neutral coloured setts could work very nicely.

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,247

    I have used both board (per Lantana's suggestion) and paving setts (per Cere's suggestion) to edge areas of gravel. The setts look like bricks & are probably a more permanent solution as any wooden edging will eventually soften and rot. Gravel with brick edging always makes me think of manor house kitchen gardens image. The edges can be softened by allowing plants to spill over the bricks

    Both the timber and the bricks look neat and tidy and do a good job of keeping the gravel out of a border and off a lawn respectively.

    I am also planning a new gravelled area which is edged with box and lonicera nitida. There will be no edging to the gravel which will be swept under the hedging so it looks as though it grows out of the gravel. You could effectively make a gravel garden if that is to your taste.


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