Long tailed tits are back!

I am so happy - we've had long tailed tits in the garden every year since we moved in during 2002, that is except for last year when we didn't see a single one.  image 

We were very concerned but we think a squirrel or other predator got into the nest and killed all the young from the previous year.  They only have one brood and it's generally huge, around 10 or so babies, so it's quite possible.

Anyway, they're back again this year and it's so lovely to see (and hear) them! image


  • TootsietimTootsietim Posts: 176

    One of my favourite birds to watch. 

    They are vulnerable to nest predation, and many nests will fail each year. Often, the adult birds, if they lose their nest, will go and help a nearby related pair to feed their young instead. This way they at least help the family gene pool to continue.

    Their nests, made of spider web, lichen and feathers are a marvel of nature.

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