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I maybe rather stupidly bought an oriental lily from homebase that was labelled as suitable for growing indoors. I have had it two days now with flower buds on and now the unopened buds are falling off.

I was told by a specialist breeder that they can't really be kept indoors to flower but since I liked the scent so much I bought one from a homebase store. The person in charge said it would be ok but I know they want to sell their stock so image

Is my lily going to just not flower ever? One of the flower buds did open but this was a well developed one. I dont have a garden just a window that gets a lot of light and warmth during the day.

Most of my tropical plants are doing fine in there but they were grown from seed. If anyone has any advice I would be glad for it.





  • YnneadYnnead Posts: 230

    I guess no one has any experience with them but I may have jumped the gun anyway as more buds are opening. I guess the sudden change in environment probably caused the bud drop :/

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Frankly, places like Homebase are not good at looking after plants.  More often than not they are in need of water.  You can have no idea how they have neglected this lily before it came into your care.  And to say the staff - with honourable exceptions - have no knowledge of plants would be pretty accurate.

    Actually it make my blood boil to see plants that have been carefully grown wrecked once they get to the stores.  Such a waste. 

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