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screening following removal of conifers

Garden in traditional rural village location is approx 24 x 30m and slopes down towards house with large french windows giving view of full area.Garden is currently mainly turf surrounded by wooden fencing with a young tree boundary. The rear boundary is marked by small prunus and malus trees on the right side and there is now a gap covering half the width of the garden where 3 large split stem conifers have been removed. This now leaves us with a view of the house behind overlooking our garden and also into the rear windows of our house .Because of the slope and the orientation of the garden this is the perfect place for a sun patio but we really need to screen off the view behind. I think a height of 8 feet should be sufficient to obscure the view but we are struggling with how to do it. Although we are starting to develop the garden into smaller areas I am still aware of the overall view from the house. We have considered bamboo fargesia robusta which would be lovely around a sun deck and would give us fairly quick evergreen screening but i am not convinced how that would sit with the fairly traditional surroundings or the fruit trees forming the other half of the rear boundary. We have also considered trellis work with evergreen climbers and rambling rose but I'm not sure if we would get quite the height we need. Soils is heavy clay and other trees in garden are hawthorn, silver birch and apple and I am considering planting prunus lusitanica for hedging elsewhere in garden   Because of sundeck I am keen to achieve height rather than width so wouldn't want anything with a spreading canopy. Any suggestions would be gratefully received as I can't seem to find the right solution on this. Thank you


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Well the prunus would give you everything you're looking for and they can be quite fast. You can buy larger specimens from specialist growers as well. Plus they are easy to prune and keep under control.

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    Oooo! a Blank Canvas!

  • ceri5ceri5 Posts: 6

    Blank canvas lovely but scary too

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  • ceri5ceri5 Posts: 6

    Thank you for all your ideas everyone- lots to think about. I can't move the patio much because there is an old apple tree in the way but I could create some more space behind it. I have an amelanchier in the front garden which is quite happy so that could be good and I like the idea of a lilac. 

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