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Sloping boggy garden

Hi Looking for some advice. House is a new build and garden runs down in a bit of a slope Had patio installed and now intending to section off a run at the top using more railway sleepers My thinking is to plant some shrubs that will hopefully sook up some of the water that flows down the lawn making it soft. Di you think this is a good idea and what kind of plants would help? Thanks


  • Mcowan77Mcowan77 Posts: 8

  • Shrubs will have a negligible effect on the water in the soil as they will take up very little of the water, especially in winter when the soil is wettest. However, it would be a good idea to plant shrubs anyway to hide the fence!

  • Mcowan77Mcowan77 Posts: 8
    Anything you can suggest?
  • Mcowan77Mcowan77 Posts: 8

    Yes I'd like to keep a lawn and create a section at the back for plants.

    Thanks for your advice

    As you can see the builders have made a bit of mess of the lawn.. Easiest way to revive it?

    Thanks again
  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    get some climbers on the fence, some low shrubs in front with herbaceous perennials in front of them, have a look online for plants that like damp soils year round.

    if you want the grass to thrive you need to de-water the soil, either by land drains (a bit excessive for such a small area) or adding a mix of sieved compost and sharp sand to the surface during the growing season to give a drier bed for the grass to root into. You want a depth of a couple of inches eventually but add it only a little at a time to allow the grass to grow through rather than smothering it, you could also use hole tyned forks to create drainage holes down into the soil below

  • Mcowan77Mcowan77 Posts: 8
    Brilliant thanks for all the advice
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