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Grasses in a border

KatfishKatfish Posts: 56

I am redesigning a large border and looking for all season interest.  Grasses seem to be a popular recommendation, but I've spent years getting rid of ornamental grasses from borders because of the self seeding.  I'm looking for something mid to tall, perhaps with red in it.  I like the idea of grasses because of the noise they make and the beauty of the seedheads.  I just don't like the perpetual self seeding.  I live in a rural area so already have a big weeding job throughout the garden.


  • KatfishKatfish Posts: 56

    Thanks for the detailed response.  Should make to easier to focus on certain grasses.image

  • OnopordumOnopordum Posts: 390

    Out of interest, which grasses have you had seeding trouble with?

    One not mentioned by Verdun is Molinia arundinacea - there are various cultivars available. Really fantastic looking, although it doesn't stand over winter like some others.

  • KatfishKatfish Posts: 56

    Not sure what the existing problem grass is as it was already in the garden and I've spent the last 16 years wrestling with it's offspring.  I've just looked at an online grass supplier to see if I can find a picture of it or something like it, but I can't find anything with the same seed heads.
    The leaves are shiny and sharp edged with green/lime green stripe the length of the leaf.  They're long single blades.  Leaves grow to around 3 feet.  Seedheads up to 6 feet and lean out and droop (just to really ensure that seed spread!).  Must love clay soil.
    As I can't see it in the online catalogue I do wonder if it's something that's not sold widely because of it's prolific self seeding.

    I've dug out the largest one several times only to find I've missed a bit and it just keeps coming back.  If I miss any of the seedlings I blink and they've taken hold.  Given that I have a countryside hawthorn hedge bordering two sides of the garden it's difficult to get every single seedling (weeding under a hawthorn hedge in the countryside, just not doable and it's better for the wildlife if it's kept natural anyway).

  • KatfishKatfish Posts: 56

    Just looked at a picture of Carex pendula.  Yep, that's the one.

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