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Aphids Attack

We have a lovely evergreen just by the front door to add a bit of privacy. Last year tiny black creatures appeared in clumps on the leaves. This year they have spread to every branch of the ever green and now cover the front door! They seem to be attracted to the white paint around the door and also my milk when it is delivered is covered in them! Now the aphids have spread to the rose bush that frames the door. Please advise me. Do I cut the bush down? I'm afraid washing up liquid in a spray bottle Isn't enough. We've tried it but the bush is big and I cannot reach the entire plant.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160

    Give them a hard spray off for a start. Have you tried the washing up liquid?

    Are you sure they're aphids? aphids aren't usually attracted by white paint etc.

    What is your evergreen?

  • doubleLdoubleL Posts: 4

    Hi Leonie

    Best to my opinion is to go out and find few larva or beetles like ladybug that eats them. Will look like this:

    Own footage (:

    You may find them on bushes next door, also the approach of do nothing may work as the natural predators will eventually also come on their own to balance it, which is my favourite approach!

    Best regards

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