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Where do I start?

Hi, my garden is about 80 or so foot long and a rectangle shape, it is about 1/3 lawn and has a large paved area at the bottom of the garden and a large useless ( badly  brick built shed) I have covered the patios in pots for some colour but would now like to design a nice garden, I visit lots of gardens and like everything I see so I'm having trouble knowing where to start! Can anyone recommend a good garden design from scratch approach? Should I try mood boards , making a list of plants I like? Or just get rid of what I don't like first?


  • I am doing my garden at the moment. When i moved in it was very overgrown with a pond. I have cleared it and am left with more or less a blank canvas. I then decided what i wanted to use the garden for patio tables and chairs, sun loungers , rotary clothes line etc. Whether i wanted them in sun or shade. I then used twine to mark out the areas to see if they were big enough for what i wanted. The other thing is cost. To get somebody in to do the slabs is expensive. I have then planned where to have a lawn and the flower beds. I only had 3 plants that i have kept so i will have many happy trips to the garden centre. I would just say do not rush it and think about what you want to use the garden for.

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    A shortlist of things you simply must have, be it speciality plants, greenhouse, place to sit.
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    Mood boards are a very good idea as they will enable you to focus on colour and shape. That will give you a good starting point for the design. It requires discipline to stick with garden design though.....all those lovely plants in the garden centres, all the seed packets beckoning; they can undermine your resolve.



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    Pinterest is helpful for ideas and you could have different boards for short, medium and long term.

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