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I've just manage to acquire a plastic green house, free! It is a walk in one, with plenty of shelf space. The pegs that came with this are not great at all, so am devising other ways to secure it down. But what I am not sure about is the bottom of the plastic that touches the grass. Do I leave it so that air can get in, or tuck the pastic under the frame? I was thinking of putting black plastic down on the ground to stop the grass growing. Any advice about plastic greenhouses welcome - what grows well, what doesnt grow well. Would have loved a glass one, but the offer of a free one was too good to turn down and I couldn't afford glass. Have grown cucumbers and tomatos indoors, but kitchen window is now looking a bit crowded! Thanks for reading 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,234

    Bricks along the bottom help keep the plastic from flapping. Use the guy ropes as well if you can.  I planted some leafy salad stuff in mine this morning. On the shelf in a poystyrene fish box ( the type fish are delivered to the fishmonger in.)  While the slugs can climb the walls, I find they are less likely to devour letttuce and rocket and oriental leafy stuff if it is high up. They will grow there until about november.

     I use mine in Spring as a half way house between the greenhouse (With electic heating to keep the frost out) and outside. Sort of an overgrown cold frame.

    You will be able to grow tomatoes in next summer, planting in big buckets or grobags.

  • Thanks fidget bones, I will try the bricks. Can I ask what you sow or plant at this time of year in the greenhouse ?

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,234

    The  8 x 12 glass greenhouse has 12 tomato plants, 2 cucumbers and a black grape vine running along the apex. The 4 x 6 plastic has a lot of empty seed trays and the salad leaves I sowed this morning. I will be sowing perennials from new seed now, aquilegias mainly,  primula seed can be sown now, and also fresh hellebore seed.

  • Thanks for that, I'm just finding my way with things. It is really helpful finding out what others are doing. 

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