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I've just bought a greenhouse and am hoping to put a mains water tap inside.  I need guidance on how to fix it to the structure.


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    How big is the greenhouse and what is the frame made of? Does it have a brick base (dwarf wall)?

  • It is 8 x 10, aluminium rhino set on a concrete foundation. No dwarf wall.

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Sorry, you got a bit lost there macshona. Maybe if I give you a hitch up the list one of the gents will be able to help you out with this. Hoopla!

  • if your running mains water to a greenhouse the pipe will need to be sunk in a trench at least a foot deep from your supply or house to the greenhouse, Ive previously done this a few times, is the concrete foundation a full base poured slab of concrete? or is it just a foundation slab around the outside edge to sit the greenhouse walls on? if its a full slab id be tempted to bring the pipe up just outside the greenhouse and sink a concrete fencepost into the ground then attach the pipe and tap to that, concreting the post in is best so its secure. be aware that you should get your plumber to allow a valve in the pipe to enable you to drain the pipe of all water before the first frosts to stop the pipe/tap from freezing and fracturing.

    If its just a foundation slab around the outside which forms a base for the greenhouse to sit on you should be able to dig out enought of a hole under the foundation to continue the pipe into the greenhouse before then fixing a postinto the ground in the greenhouse (as per outside) 

  • Thanks Bournemouthgardiner.  It's the second type and I've got the pipe run and under and into the greenhouse.  Thinking I would cement a post onto the side of the foundations and attach the tap & pipework to that.  Does this sound ok?

    Oh, I've joined it to the pipework going to another outside tap so that side is fine. It is just what happens at the greenhouse end.

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