can any one tell me about planting potatos now for winter harvest.

some one told me about them and you can buy the seed potatos now 

from garden shops.

has anyone tried this before.



  • Yeah I've done it. Best putting in potato grow bags which can be moved inside if frost threatens. They don't need chitting as the seeds are kept in cold storage. Plant them now and make sure you keep them watered as the compost dries quickly and is hard to rehydrate after drying. Should be harvestable from end of November.

    hope that helps ????

  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    I tried last year but the exceptional wet we had (and the lack of any undercover space inside) meant that blight got them before they were anywhere near ready. I would try again if I had a greenhouse that I could move them to when the weather is less than ideal, and in sacks as mentioned above. It's my understanding that varieties sold around now for harvesting at Christmas are first earlies, as they'll take at least 12 weeks to grow. 

  • thanks greenfingeredsmoggy and leggi.will go to the shops and see what they have and give it a go.if anyone else is going to give it a go then let me know and we see how we all get on...

  • I've just put some patatos in today, Went to the garden centre they was 30p each or 4 for a £1. I've choosen the Charlotte patato. My first time with patatos never tried them before. No idea if i've done them right. I've put mine in them tarpaulin grow bag things. It's about a quarter full of grow bag compost then when the I see the plant coming up am i supposed to layer the soil up bit by bit whilst the plant grows till the bag becomes full? I've also stood them in the greenhouse, Do you think I should of left them outside till the weather turns.

    Sorry for hi-jacking your thread. image

    How did you get on David?

  • hi zombiegardener,you have done right for trying to grow over winter and they should be ok in the greenhouse but i would not have put them in till signs of the first frosts.

    And yes layer up the soil as the the potato plant grows.this will be my first time to try growing them in winter as i have only grown potatos in spring and summer.

    Good luck and let me know how you get on.

  • Will do David thanks for getting back to me. image I take it you went to the garden centre and got some patatos?

  • no not been to garden centre yet will be going in the week and see whet they have in.


    Also see if they have any potato sacks to plant them in,if not i find somethink else to plant them in....image

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 2,935

    This will be my 3rd year trying to grow spuds for Christmas. First year I planted far to late and the plants didn't have enough time to grow. 

    Last year the bags froze in the GH and didn't defrost until February image I suspect the compost in the bags was too wet, as I'd kept up with summer watering when I should have slowed down. The spuds were good to eat through. 

    Spuds for Christmas, ideally, should be planted, the latest, at the end of July, so get them in quick if you haven't already planted them. I'd also advise putting them in a sheltered spot when the temp starts to drop rather than wait for a threatened frost, the cold weather and decrease in light slows down their growth, 1st earlies take longer to mature than the 12 weeks for summer grown one's.

    Good luck and happy gardeningimage

  • lol Zoomer looks like you have had a nightmare trying to grow winter spuds. image I am now starting to think that I have picked the wrong time of year to learn how to grow them. Like you if I  get to eat some I will be happy.

  • Thanks for the advice zoomer44,i best get them in this week..image

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