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Talkback: Flower show season

I agree with you Chris, I only hope that it is the new garden that is holding back all the information we have come to expect from gardeners world. Toby came across as more relaxed than Monty which I deemed a good thing at first but this year is definately lacking in seasonal information ie. sowing seeds, pricking out etc. Please more reminders when to do what and how for us gardeners not just starting out.


  • Like most TV programs today, I think that Gardener's World is aimed at youngsters with a short attention-span.

    I now watch Beechgrove Gardens on BBC Scotland (Wednesdays) for the kind of sensible down-to-earth advice we used to get with Alan Titchmarsh and Geoff Hamilton.
  • i was gutted when monty stood down last series, he was my inspiration to grow vegetable's, after watching the show i just wanted to get out into my garden, this series i think toby has settled in really well, he's a natural presenter, and he's taken the programme in a new direction, give it time, sure you'll warm to it, my gripe is when the music parts are played over clips, keep the gardeners world theme tune like they always used to, not kate nash like last 2 weeks, the gardeners world theme is etched into my mind, happy gardening all.
  • How wonderful to see my former colleague Shirley Hambelton on Gardeners' World doing what she always did best - using her amazing creativity to develop a magical garden ! We taught together many years ago in Surrey, and her Worcester Park garden was a tranquil oasis with pool of fish and swags of roses. I remember a recycled shower tray transformed into an alpine display ! I try to stay awake to watch Gardeners' World on Friday, but don't always succeed after a week spent with sixty four and five year olds ! Catch up TV is a wonderful thing ! So glad I saw you Shirley.

    Many thanks to the GW team for letting us see real gardeners in their own great gardens.
  • Hi I run a floral greetings card company called Scentiments in the Newcastle region does anybody know of any flower shows that may be occurring in the near future where I could show my wares?
  • I'm reserving judgment on Gardeners World as it is a new presenter and garden site. But could we please have better camera work, instead of showing the persons face could we actually see what he or she is doing with the plant ect. manys the time i,ve been frustrated at not seeing exactly how to propagate take cuttings ect as we are shown the presenters face while talking us through the process
  • I refer back to the comments regarding this years Gardener's World. I too miss Monty. The series lacks the the "run of the mill" or "down to earth" (pardon the pun) gardening that we can all relate to. And as for some of the items discussed or demonstrated I find that the programme is somewhat aimed at the wrong audience. To try and back this up, I don't think many of us (without a big marketing and research team behind us) would be able to walk down the street, trot over to the workman laying the new drainage system in the road and ask "any chance I could have a piece of your pipe please, and oh here's the measurements". And to then surround the pipe with a wall of slate approximately 4ft high by 16ft long would cost an absolute fortune. Come on BBC lets try and get some "sensible" items on the show. Something your every day gardener can do..!
  • I too am reserving judgement on the new series of GW, as it is very early days. However, in its defence - I could barely relate to the last garden - the huge pond, the long borders, walled garens - but I took snippets here and there of the stuff I could relate to.

    In the meantime I too am watching The Beechgrove Garden - a lot of the geographical references re the north's shorter growing season, gardens to visit, etc, mean more to me, as well as the great advice and banter.
  • I love the new series and am glad that Toby Buckland has taken over from Monty as he is a natural presenter. I liked Monty but found he could be a bit technical and boring sometimes! I have found that since Tony took over my whole family has started to enjoy watching as there is something to please us all depending on our level of skill and age.

    I feel that they are trying to sowing the seeds of the joy that gardening brings to our future gardeners while respecting existing gardeners.

    I am also pleased to see Alys has more air time I like her down to earth style. I hope we will see more of Alys as time goes on. Well done to the whole team:o)
  • Just started out bee-keeping and loving it. I highly recommend it to anyone who really CARES about their garden, their neighbourhood, their county and country.
  • Elgin-Beehive
    Glad to hear you've taken up bee keeping, do let us know how things go. .....and thanks for posting a comment that was not just about GW on BBC2 !!
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