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Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever done any gardening courses online - As you all know i am very new to grading but also very keen image

As a working mum of four time is short but so is sleep short so i thought i could kill my insomnia time doing a course?  Would any of you recommend any?

Thanks in advance 

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  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    I've got a course with the horticulture correspondence college ready to start.

    The communication has been good during the ordering and payment phase, but I've yet to actually start.
  • keep me posted Darren - Ive got to stop killing things image((

  • I'm currently half way through the 'Become A Gardener' course by the HCC that Darren636 has mentioned above.

    I decided to go for this as due to there being nowhere local where I could try and get the RHS qualification by physically going to college this enables you to do to do the course from home with a result of being able to book a time when you can go sit the official RHS exam one day either at their college or somewhere closer to you.
    You get sent a binder with your lesson material to start off with and this is what you study from, finishing with a test paper to complete at the end of each lesson. It takes around 3 weeks for your test paper to be returned along with your results and the next set of lesson material. I work part time and have various commitments so having the choice of when I can sit down and do it is really helpful and you have a max of 2 years to get it all completed, however you'll most likely get it completed before then!
    The course covers the lesson material for the RHS Level 2 Qualification and once completed you are giving a qualification from the college and your able to go and sit the official RHS Exam afterwards to gain their official qualification. There is also the option to pay for the course it in full at the start or monthly. I'd definitely recommend it even if your not wanting to sit the exam and just want to learn!
    Hope I've been helpful, I'm not the best at explaining things lol 

  • NG Little seedlings thank you image I'm off to have a look at this now - sounds great image 

  • It depends on how academic you are and how disciplined- I looked into quite a few courses and for me they want too much money. I have found the BBC online course How to be a gardener really helpful and as for the RHS exams - I did some research on the types of questions, invested in a few good books and plan to take rhe exams myself when I have the time. You just need to register yourself to go to one of the prroved centres and pay the exam fee. 

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