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Camellia problems.....

Hi All,

I bought a beautiful Camellia plant last Thursday from Dobbies, brought it home and planted in a pot with ericaceous compost.  It was beautiful has 2 large blooms and lots and lots of pert little buds.

My problem is this the two large flowers fell/off within a few days and this morning a bud or two was off also????

It has been raining a lot here and i thought maybe the wind had taken the flowers off but the buds too........Hmmm could it be birds?


  • It was outside verdun image the leaves were lovely and shiny too and now they seem dusty and patchy...



    I thought buying with buds was the right way to go as it still had to flower.....image


  • I will double check the draining holes when i get home Verdunimage but I'm almost positive it does.  I haven't watered as the rain has been really heavy since Friday.....Also when you say prune it out do you mean snip off the top from just above a set of leaves?


    Thank you for your helpimage

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