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Talkback: Growing chilli peppers

I planted several varieties nearly 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for them to show. They are lovely plants to look at, I freeze or dry the chillies and use them all year round.


  • I have sown 2 lots of Chilli Seeds, the first didn't take at all, lets hope the 2nd lot will.

    Here's hoping, this is my first year with Chilli's and no success so far!!!
  • I grew Chilli's last year and had a huge harvest, I dried most of them and put some in olive oil, had a great success.
    This year I have tried different varieties of Chilli and look forward to seeing how they do !
  • Do be patient, as I've found germination can take 4 weeks or longer for some varieties. While some of my chilli seeds germinated in 2-3 weeks, one one seed of my 'Bhut Jolokia' has germinated from seed sown on March 25. So at least I'll have one plant of the World's Hottest Chilli to grow this year!
  • I have had real problems with getting my seeds to germinate this year I have now got about 6 different plants after seeding about 30 pots. I am going to try a second seeding if it’s not too late?
    I had loads last year and found that the best way to keep them was straight from the plant to the freezer. I then chop them up still frozen and add to dishes as required.
  • I have been growing chilli's for a few years now and find the most effective way to germinate the seed is on a sunny windowsill above a radiator, most will germinate within 2 weeks though some still take upto 6 weeks and more.

    The easiest to grow are Cayenne, Jalapeno, Nu Mex Twilight and habanaro orange (very hot!) and the most difficult being Chiltepin, up to 12 weeks germination.
    If you bring the plants indoors in the Autumn they will produce a higher yield in the second year and can last up to 7 years. Oh, and don't forget to save some seeds!
  • I have been growing chillies for many years now. Most people this time of year find their chillies can suffer from a lack of light so it can be worth investing in some lights to get them a head start.

    Also earier varieties such as apache, cayenne and jalapeno will give you higher yields of fruit in a much quicker time. Also at the end of the season try and over winter them to get a head start on next year!!

    I've written quite a few articles on growing chillies here:

    Good luck with them!!!
  • I retired to Turkey and now listen to shows on the net. Our season is quiet differant but we do grow english plant and veg .this year i have managed to grow rhurbarb. Due to the heat in summer we keep moving it to coolest site house. Veg cause us problems to, as the locals grow beans and peppers over nov,to march and sweet peas have to be planted in november to flower in april. Get confusing when reading seed packets. would love to hear from any one retired over seas.
  • i planted my chilies 4 weeks ago, i have now repotted them and they are growing quick. The now r about 6 inches tall. Hope the produce as good as crop as last year, got almost 500 chilies :)
  • i planted carrots and they got eaten last yr
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