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Leycesteria Formosa

I am confused on what height/width this will grown too, I have bought two (on impulse today) and the plant label says 125cm and yet on some sites they state 250cm. I have a place for either size but would prefer to know so I place them correctly and not have to move them again next year. image



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  • The wild ones here grow to around 2-2½m in height x 2m width. They're lovely - I've got some cuttings on the go image

    I think Golden Lanterns (the yellower variety) is a little more compact - around 2 x 2

  • Oh WOW perfect news..... cant wait to get them in tomorrow..... Thanks So Much image


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    I cut mine hard back every spring.

    SW Scotland
  • Mine don't grow more than my night which is 175cm

    but its in the shade of very tall oakes, so maybe the conditions affect the spread too. 

    Good luck!

  • Hi Verdun

    Are they like bamboo that they have rhizomes? If so will go out and take them out.

    They are at the back of borders to cover a fence. image

    Maybe should have got Ribes

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    No rhizomes but plenty os seedlings round the garden once the birds have eaten the berries. The blackbirds love them.

    SW Scotland
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    Mine has been in a sunny position for at least ten years. It's 2m tall and one clump of eight stems. It certainly hasn't spread. 

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