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Ground Cover Between Paving

Hi all,

Looking for some ideas please... I have a paved patio which has quite a few gaps between each paving flag. I want to encourage something to grow between the gaps to stop the weeds taking over and to make the area look more natural than bare paving.

I was thinking creeping thyme, but I don't know if the drainage would be good enough. Is there anything else anyone can recommend?

Thank you - Hope you are having a lovely Spring!


  • I've got Pratia pedunculata between some of mine 1985blonde - it's evergreen with tiny blue flowers - pretty hard-wearing too - and some sedums too - not sure of the names of those though image

  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    Cotoneaster procumbens

    Or Corsican mint if moist.

    Mind your own business if you want something to take over.
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