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Growable pods. Do they really work better than planting your own seed?

A certain compost manufacture is advertising pods where you can grow your own tomatoes, peppers etc and says they're guaranteed. But is it any better than just buying a packet of seeds and some compost and doing them yourself?

I can't see how these pods are better in that the seedling will still be attacked by slugs Pests Cold weather or a poor summer, and I can't imagine you will get a high yield even if the summer is bad. So you've still got to use slug pellets etc.

In any case a packet of your favourite seed variety with good compost is a lot cheaper and gets you more plants.

What are you're opinions are these pods worth trying or not? Has anyone had experience with them or similar products? 


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,852
    Tetley wrote (see)

    Just another gimmick I think for people who think gardening should be "instant" with no effort needed.  Every time I see the adverts you mention I find myself muttering unmentionable things under my breath  image

    Me too Tetley - they give the impression that you can just plonk them in any old how - but if you leave the rim of a peat pot proud of the soil it'll dry out and the roots will never pass through it. 

    They're just trying to sell things to people who won't know how to make them succeed.  Very short-sighted. 


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