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Privacy hedge/screening

Leanne21Leanne21 Posts: 6
Hi we want to plant some bushes/plants/trees to fill a space at the rear of our garden. Ideally I would like them to grow to about 10ft tall and the space is approx 12ft wide. We have leylandii on the other side but I'd rather have something different. I'm not a gardener so I have no idea what to put there. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thank you image


  • Hi Leanne I would have red robin (photinia) we grew a new hedge and mixed one or two with laurel but now wish we had all red robins .image

  • Leanne21Leanne21 Posts: 6
    Hiya they are all lovely suggestions thank you. Which are the quickest growing and what is the best height to buy? Thanks for your help
  • Leanne21Leanne21 Posts: 6
    Thank you I'll have a look at the local garden centres at the weekend for the ones you suggested. Do you have any ideas of what I could plant underneath the leylandii I've got as they look boring but it's very shaded underneath so not sure if anything would grow?
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