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Solar Water Feature

Does anyone have one of these and do they actually work? - Expensive if it doesn't image


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,527

    I am also interested in one so hope someone has experience with one! image

    Especially looking at solar airstones for the pond.

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  • I have one. No.

    Cost £75. Hoselock. A little mini fountain with a pump and solar panel.

    I set it into a small feature about 750 diameter. The 'pump' is so small and light (smaller than your hand), it falls over every time the wind blows so needs holding in by bricks but is still far too flimsy and unable to easily sit up straight. The panel is set at a 45 degree angle which can't be adjusted up, which means the sun only shines directly onto the panel for a short time (as the sun moves..!) and it doesn't work if the sun is partially to the left or right. I've yet to see it work on 'stored' sunshine as per the leaflet.

    I'm not a solar engineer but I'd have thought a flat panel pointing up would work better...

    However, it does work via battery backup so you could use it on battery when you want it on. As I do image

    ps-I'm in Surrey and we do get sunshine..



  • I've just ordered a floating solar oxygenator as the last few days of sun have brought out the algae with a vengeance and the pond looks like pea soup (the frogs aren't happy with it at all). Will post how it works once we've given it a go..

  • smithy52smithy52 Posts: 1

    ive had 2 solar water features as far as im concerned i would not recommend much better to buy one that is powered by electricity and get a constant flow of water 

  • Hello, I've got a solar water pump which has been going without a problem for 2 years. The pond is small, but it keeps the water clear and fresh with minimal maintenance (clearing filter every 3 or 4 months). Currently very excited as frog spawn have arrived  - frogs = less slugs! I bought mine for £15 from Maplin, but they don't seem to be selling them any more. Internet search for 'solar pump brought up lots similar though for under £20.


  • That's reassuring thanks, Digger. We have almost no slug problem here due to high frog presence, so keeping the frogs happy and tadpoles oxygenated is a priority.

  • LynLyn Posts: 23,082

    Plants will get the oxygen levels right.

    Wildlife ponds should be still water, not pumped. The water will clear when there are enough plants in it, they need to fill two thirds, I think. Mine was like that, now it's crystal clear. The frogs don't mind green water.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • The frogs don't mind as you say, Lyn, but the tadpoles can't live in excessive algae levels which we currently have, despite good planting. They breathe oxygenated water through gills like fish, not having yet developed the lungs which frogs have.

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