What is this shrub?

Can someone please tell me what this - shrub/ bush thing is? I have the good fortune to have one in my front garden and one larger one in the back- evergreen, thickety pervasive rather boring and grow like mad and are all caught up around the other shrubs. I was trying to prune back one and discovered a horrid tangle of thick twisted roots under the thicket of branches but did not find sleeping beauty or any dwarves! I do not trust the fellows at my local T.H.Whites - after having some soil delivered I was complimented on my lovely big Rhododendron- which happened to be a desperately in need of a prune Laurel hedge. Obviously, I will need to get some photos posted up- hopefully I can figure out how to do it.


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    can you post a pic? click on the little tree icon and follow the instructions.


  • Hi went through this before- where is the tree icon?
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    on the bar at the top of the box where you type your text before you hit the " submit reply" 

    I understand it may not work from some phones. ( laptop here )

  • Laptop here also
  • Does anyone know how can photos be uploaded from a smartphone? PC freezing at the moment.
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  • Oh well! We are not doing too well at the whole adding a photo thing! Not the best since there are alot of please help me idenify this plant!

    It shouldnt be so difficult. I will tackle this tomorrow when I have more energy after spending the last hour looking after all my seedlings which so far involves- taking the cling film off the seed trays to get rid of some condensation (cant afford a propagator plus so far cling film is working. Dry the cling film off meanwhile move seedlings into the coldest place in the house so they dont get any heat and replace the cling film on the seed trays and keep the heat on in the room over night to keep them warm.

    When can I just get a greenhouse and a cold frame image
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    Can you load something to a photo storage site and post a link, lots of people do that

  • ever thought of making your own coldframe begonia? there are some handy instructions here using plywood and plastic sheeting:


    and even here with some straw bales and an old window frame:


    And in case it's any comfort, I was trying to upload a pic of my camellia but found it completely impossible... so it's not you...

  • Maybe in time, it will be a lot easier to upload photos on this site ... we just have to be patient. After all it's a top notch site for information, etc

    Must look at Dropbox photos and see how to add a link? Any computer techies on the forum?
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