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  • I am creataing a bog garden and want to put primulas in it. What would be the best ones for that - and can they be grown from seed, it sounds like it might be cheaper than buying lots of plants? The bog garden will be in full sun.
  • I purchased 44 small auricula last autumn and have potted them up .All look healthy plants and i am transferring them to an old sink but they have not flowered this year. Do they need special feed and what else may be wrong?
  • Mary: any of the varieties I mentioned will do and, yes seeds will be much cheaper.
  • I`m a 73 year old male and am hooked on Auriculas. have about 40 named varieties.I recently planted seeds and so far 6 have appeared. My question is how do I look after them?
  • At Kew they've got loads of that sikkimensis with a beautiful japanese iris growing through it, both are sort of lilac-y, I might get a photo of it next time I'm going through because the combinations is tippety-top
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