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NPK test result - help please

Hi all,

I have completed a NPK test today.  I did one last year but didnt think it had worked as some of the liquid was completely clear.  I have tried it again with a near same result, nitrogen is much better.  I have taken a sample from another part of the garden which I will test tomorrow.  It appears my soil is alkaline which I wasnt especting as there are a few camelias growing in our neighbours gardens.

Could you give me on your thoughts below, we have a compost heap here that we may be able to get a little from this year but its mostly from grass diggings and clippings and soft plants.  We've been here three years but just starting out on the garden really.  Prior to us it was just mowed lawn for at least 30 years - dont know where the clippings went.

The soil sample was put into that jar about 24 hours ago.  I never really know what to make of our soil, sometimes it seems very clay like, sometimes very sandy and thin.  We're at the bottom of a valley near a river in cornwall.

We would really like to get the garden going.  We add compost and john innes 3 when planting shrubs, apart from buying in lots of manure, I dont really know how to rapidly improve the condition of our soil for growing and creating beds.

Many Thanks for any help you can offer.






  • mike 14mike 14 Posts: 7

    I would always get testing done by a lab. It will be far more accurate. On line RHS soil testing. Then you know what your working with.

  • Sara 8Sara 8 Posts: 4

    Thanks Mike.  That sounds like a more sensible idea.  I do think the soil is missing a decent amount of organic matter, will add what i can in the meantime,

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