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Evening it possible to grow sprouts..cabbage..leeks..carrots...and other veg in containers..we have such a problem with rabbits here and as we only rent i'd rather not be digging trenches for fencing all over the garden..that way i could put them on some sort of table /bench or some raised platform and still keep them outside..same goes for runners and sweet peas..


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    You can grow practically anything in containers providing you give the crop the depth of soil it needs and feed regularly. Watering needs to be done regularly too as plants are more likely to dry out in pots than if they are in the open ground. Sprouts might be a bit of a challenge and leeks will need a deep container but cabbage and carrots shoudl pose no problems especially is you grow the shorter type of carrots.

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    Have a look at this video

    also, have a look at last week's Big Dreams, Small Spaces (Series 2, Episode 5)

    where lots of veg were grown in raised beds.  You could protect similar beds from rabbits by putting a post at each corner and fixing wire netting around the beds.  It wouldn't be as big a job as fencing rabbits out of the entire garden.

    Good luck image

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    Gee thanks Ceres and Dovefromabove.. Much appreciated.. Will check that episode out Dove... I have all this series recorded but haven't had time to watch any of them at mo..great idea about the raiserd bedding though will look into that.... Thank you again both of you.


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    Dove's idea is the way to go pompeyboy - just remember that if you put anything up on a raised area, don't leave anything as a 'step' that they can jump onto as well to give them access to plants. 

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