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Hi all

Last year I installed a new pond in my garden and planted lots of wildflower seeds around it and ended up with a lovely selection of flowers (see photo attached).

I would like to replicate it again this year - but was wondering if I should dig it all up and plant new seeds or hope that they will spring up naturally due to all of the seeds that will have naturally dispersed from last years crop?





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    I would think if you let them seed last year a rake over to loosen the soil would do the job. But check first, they may already be germinatingimage


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    Thank you. It was a real success and attracted tonnes of hoverflies, bees and butterflies.The pale blue shorter flowers are borage I think.

    Yep, last year I dug the site up and just scattered the seeds and covered them loosely with soil. I did let them go to seed last year (I even collected a few and have them stored away to use again this year maybe)

    I was thinking of maybe digging up half the wildflower patch (as there are two areas, either side of the pond) and planting new seeds there and maybe just letting the other patch do it's thing and see what happens. That way if I don't have much success with the area I have left, at least I should get some flowers on the other patch! image

  • Hi. I'm coming into year 3 of our wildflower meadow, it was sowed with a mix of perennials and annuals. I'm a newbie at this but I think your meadow looks more annuals than perennials - and it's lovely.

    In which case you may find less and less poppies and cornflowers each year. Wildflower meadows seem (so far to me) to be different every year, particularly the annuals.  I cut mine down at the end of the summer, leave everything down for a few days to let the seeds do their thing and then pick it all up.

    In year 1 I got lots of poppies.

    In year 2 I got lots of daisies but hardly any poppies. 

    Year 3 I suspect will be less daisies.

    Happily I still get lots of cow parsley. 

    So although I'm letting it do its own thing, I have added some more poppies and daisies and cornflowers this year. Some were from seeds collected. 

    I'm learning that, like most 'weeds' some return stronger than others so dig out the ones you don't like to reduce the seeding and spend a few quid oversowing your favourites each year/collect some to keep. If you're going to oversow best to do it asap. I think they like a sow Autumn or early Spring.

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    Thanks 8000wildflowers. That's very helpful. I love cornflowers and poppies especially so will make sure I add some of the seeds I collected from those last year.

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  • Good luck! image

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