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Hi Everyone,


New to gardening and keep reading everywhere that i should mulch...this is how my border looks at the minute...well I've added a few beer club traps as the little monsters keep eating my flowers, but should i buy compost i.e john innes and add to the top of the soil is this what mulching is? and does that not make the soil level too high for my flowers???





  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 26,060

    Shirley, garden " compost" is the stuff you make in compost bins and is used as a soil conditioner, like a mulch or to dig in. 

    John Innes and Multipurpose compost etc, which you buy in the garden centre are growing media which  you'd use in pots to  plant stuff in. 

    Shame we use the word " compost" for both , it confuses many a beginner.

    Hope I haven't made things more confusing.image

  • ah thanks verdun/hosta i have been very confused by soil/compost/mulch...all the different types - I'm sure i will get their eventually.

    Ill buy some bark ships. Caught loads of slugs in the beer but my primula/primrose are still being eaten...some killer is required i think xx

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