Beurre Bosc advice please

Has anyone ever grown a beurre bosc pear tree?

Bosc pears are my absolute favourite pear, bar none. The trees are incredibly hard to source compared to others. I have found only 2 UK suppliers: Orange Pippin Trees, which has actually not stocked any last season (they failed, apparently) and Keepers nursery (high delivery charge). I will probably just go for Keepers anyway but before I take the plunge, I would like some practical advice on why this, which is to me the best tasting pear ever, is hardly grown.

Is it particularly susceptible to diseases in the UK climate? Does it need more sun and heat (they grow very well in France where they get more sun and warmth)? Am I just weird and no one else likes them?? image


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    Better grown in a warm summer. Maybe, as summers warm up here, they will become more successful in this country.

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    I'm not so sure that the weather, even in its present state, is an inhibiting factor Pansyface. According to GardenFocused, the cooler weather makes it crisper but not unpalatable. It also doesn't say that this would negatively affect the plant: "In cooler situations the pear becomes slightly crisper but eminently eatable. Although preferring warm conditions it flowers later than average which makes it a good candidate for areas where a late frost can damage the blossom."

    Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.image I shall find out for myself but I think I might hold off until this November and get one, along with a pollinator....I'm thinking about it.

    Thanks so much for your golden nugget of information about the Warden Pear. I found a great site where the culinary properties of various pears is discussed and they mentioned that variety: 

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    It's a pleasure to introduce someone to the Warden pear. I first met one as a 7 year-old child. Children had few sweets, no between meal snacks and certainly no fast food in those days and we were always hungry. I sent my small, male companion in crime up the tree while I kept guard from down below. I should have known by the way the pears bounced rather than splatted that we were not in for an illicit tasty treat. Lesson  learned that not all pears are edible.

    The "situations" and "conditions" for the Bosc might be referring to those of the weather in summertime or of the geography, I'm not sure which. I do know that I am, by virtue of my latitude and elevation, on the very edge of pear viability. But I have planted several in the hope that (a) the climate is warming as quickly as they say and (b) I shall live long enough to see the fruits (literally) of my labour.image

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    Just as an aside - have you come across this one

    perfect for children's snacks image

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