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I have quote a few liatris in my garden. All growing well - some of them very tall and and all loved by bees and butterflies. My question: when they start to look ragged and dying, do you cut the whole stem near the base and will this encourage new stems to grow?  I didn't deadhead any of them last year and let them go to seed. Would prefer prolonged flowering if these two plants allow that with deadheading?

Help and avice would be very welcome please.  Thank you.



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    Better to remove the whole flower stem when they have finished rather than letting them go to seed. That way the plant is not weakened by setting seed. Don't think either of them will re-flower. Certainly never seen it on Red Hot pokers, though they do occasionally throw up a new stem in early Autumn for me.

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    Thanks Berghill - i was watching for an answer on this one too - i am growing them both for the first time tooimage

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    Again, thank you very much Berghill.  I had a feeling the liatris didn't re-flower.   Disappointing but recall they should stay looking good for a while yet (bees certainly hope so!).  Will remove stems this year. 

    Not so impressed with red hot pokers - flowered well but now only have a mass of leaves (though two stems are coming through).  Wonder if letting them go to seed last year has caused this mass of folliage only as in limited area to spread (surrounded by flowers) and too weak to flower?    




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    Possible. Certainly for a plant to produce seeds takes a lot of energy. That is why some plants growing in poor conditions do not attempt if  for years.

    I cannot say I have ever seen fertile seeds on any of my Kniphofia plants, not even the species.

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