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Rather poorly dragon palm

IzzyeIzzye Posts: 1

I have a dragon palm (at least that's what I think it is) that I've had for 9ish years, always been happy and healthy, lived either in the living room or the dining room with the occasional stint in the conservatory when things were being cleaned or moved.

About three weeks ago I noticed it was losing a lot of leaves, mentioned it to my mum and she said it had been gradually losing more of them for a while now, way more than usual so I gave it some water, put it back in the conservatory to get some more sunshine and just over a week ago I repotted it. Used standard compost from a garden store, had to break a small bit off the end of a root unfortunately as it had grown through the hole in the bottom of the pot and I couldn't get it through, gave it a good water and stood it back in the conservatory. It now looks even worse and I noticed as I walked past it earlier the third branch which I've not photographed up close feels very soft and unstable and the tip of it is very dark.

Anyone got any idea what's happened and how to make it better again?




  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Hm, that is indeed a very sick plant.  Possibly it has been overwatered while it was struggling, but what made it struggle in the first place.  If you had it 9ish years you know all about drainage and so on - wonder if there is something in the pot chewing roots?  Unlikely I know as you have just repotted it.  Maybe just overall shock from repotting and water.  I'd be inclined to cut it off as Phillipa says, and put it in a slightly more shaded place and wait - you have got nothing to lose as it cannot really go on like that, poor thing. 

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