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Trees or bushes that grow to 6-10m mature height

RubiRubi Posts: 131
I'm wanting to plant some trees or bushes along a 12m fence line and would like a minimum height of 6m for screening, up to about 10m at full mature height. Ideally I would like trees/bushes that have a spread of 4-6m. I need something that's fast growing, is suited to clay and loamy soil, and has a light canopy. I would really like something that has colourful leaves or pretty flowers, however I have never done any gardening before so most of all I need like something that's low maintenance. With regards to the trunk, I would like something that can be pruned up to fence height, so 1.8m from the ground. As I have young kids I don't want anything that are poisonous. My youngest is one so still has a tendency to put things in his mouth. Thanks for any help.


  • RubiRubi Posts: 131

  • Is it to screen across the bottom of your garden?

    The only things that really spring to mind would be a conifer hedge or possible a bay-laurel both evergreen but neither are going to flower.


  • RubiRubi Posts: 131
    Yes it's for the bottom of the garden.

    Would I be allowed a tall hedge as I'm sure I read something about a maximum height for hedges.
  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,691

    Be aware that a tall hedge will be wide too so you will lose part of your garden to this thicket. Too high and you will find maintenance a real problem without getting someone in with a cherry picker. If you have a mixed native hedge you will get some flowers and fruits and the wildlife will love you for it. Hawthorns, cherry plums, hazel etc. Not blackthorn unless you want to find your children skewered to the topiary. If you go for something like trellis with climbers then you will get a fabulous display of flowers and if you use something like lonicera haliana, a chance of leaves all winter.

    I once planted a conifer hedge with the intention of keeping it trimmed but we moved house before the beast could be tamed and the new owners let it grow to gargantuan proportions. My old neighbour wasn't best pleased as the hedge sucked all of the moisture out of the soil and loomed over her property like something from a horror story. Beware of tall conifers unless this is your idea of heaven.

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,337

    Hi Rubi & welcome

    What is it you are trying to screen?

    Are you wanting really tall things to obscure the view (from your house) of the large building in the background? Or are you wanting to screen your garden from your neighbours (privacy screening).

    If the former I would consider a couple of silver birches - they grow quite tall but have a light and airy canopy so will not make your garden too dark. They have attractive bark but no flowers. You could also put in an amelanchier (also relatively light and airy) and an apple or pear tree. These grow less high (but still up to about 4m depending on variety and rootstock) but they have attractive spring blossom and autumn colour (leaves and fruits respectively). You could underplant with shrubs and perennials for the colour you want.

    If you are after privacy screening I would go for a mix of larger shrubs which are grown much lower than the heights you are talking about. Buddleia and elder grow quickly. They are pruned early each year down to about a 2-3 feet framework - but easily regrow to 2 - 3m by mid summer. You can add some slower growing evergreens such as laurels, non-spiky holly, euonymous into the mix (check for toxicity). You can also add in a couple of small trees if you want some extra height.

    I would be very wary of a hedge of fast growing conifers such as leylandeii - they don't stop growing when they reach the desired height and will then need to be trimmed several times a year to keep them tidy which is a lot of work. They also rob the garden of light, moisture and nutrients. This is the hedge which can be the subject of litigation if allowed to grow unchecked.

    If you like the idea of conifers you could add some into the sort of mix suggested above. 

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  • RubiRubi Posts: 131
    Hi Ceres,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've read Hawthorns have deadly horns so can't go for that.

    I've had a look at Cherry Plum trees and they are beautiful trees and grow to about 25feet which is ideal. Are they fast growing?

    With regards to trellis, the fence at the bottom of the garden belongs to my neighbour, so would I be able to put trellis on it?

    And to be honest, I'm still not clear on what is trellis is. Please can you show me pics of trellis if you don't mind and if they can be used for screening up to 6m.

    When I google it I get pictures of wooden fences that are about 30cm high so not clear on how they are useful as privacy.
  • RubiRubi Posts: 131
    Hi Topbird,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm trying to screen the mill at the back from ground level, so anything I plant needs to be at least 6m. And also want to screen the houses on the left which overlook my garden; currently I don't feel comfortable going into the garden due to the lack of privacy. So for these houses it would also need to be minimum 6m as their bedroom windows overlook my garden.

    I was set on planting a row of birches at the bottom of the garden (about 4 trees, 1 metre apart) but their mature height deterred me. But other than that this tree would have been perfect. Do you know if there are any birch trees that grow to about 10m? Or how i can keep their growth in check. i.e. By planting close together

    I don't think Buddleia would be suitable as its not very tall.

    I don't want a thick hedge. Ideally I had in mind about 3 or four small trees/large shrubs planted at the bottom to hide the mill and provide privacy from the houses.
  • RubiRubi Posts: 131
    Are Photinia Red Robin good on clay/loamy soil and wet weather?
  • RubiRubi Posts: 131
    Die to my garden being east facing, I can't have something too tall to avoid shading in the morning and early afternoon. Therefore I wold need something that has a mature height of about 5-6m.

    Please can anyone recommend any tees or shrubs that would be suitable. Thanks
  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,961

    From the photo your garden looks to be about 10 metres wide and about 20 metres long.  If you are planting trees with an eventual height of 6 metres they are going to need to be planted at least a metre in from the fence, probably more, and will have an eventual spread of about 4 metres.  You are (a) going to lose an awful lot of garden space (b) have potentially a very dark garden and (c) a number of very unhappy neighbours as their gardens are going to be heavily shaded too.

    I see in the photo that on neighbour has a large tree and that appears to spread about 3 metres into your garden already.  Multiply that effect by planting trees along the side and bottom of your garden and you will start to visualise the effect.

    The mill looks to be at least 60 or 70 metres away from your house so why are you so concerned to screen it?  You can't create total privacy if you live in a house on a housing estate.

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