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Jasmine leaves turning brown




I have a jasmine growing around an arch in my garden. It was planted summer last year and flowered in the summer and again in the winter, holding its flower buds all winter with only a few opening - They are still healthy and some are opening now. I thought it was summer flowering and that the second flush was just luck due to the warm weather. Now I have no idea! I covered the plant with some light fleece as I was unsure how hardy it was, but removed it recently (I'm in East Sussex) as I felt most frost had passed. When I took off the fleece some of the leaf tips had turned brown and now most of the longer stems, so further up the plant had brown. The base seems lush and happy. Should I trim off all the growth to the base including the flowers?


Thank you for any help you can give!


  • NatbatNatbat Posts: 62

    Thank you Tetley image  I am so relieved that I don't need to lop off any flowers, especially after it had fought so hard to keep its buds over winter. The smell of the few opening is welcome in such a bare garden.

    I will look up how to best feed jasmine beesianum as it has worked extra hard for me this year. I'd love to try taking some cuttings too as it's the same jasmine I had in my childhood garden and the smell and pink flowers are a joy image

  • NatbatNatbat Posts: 62

    And yes, it surprises me the reports of weather I get from friend up North, I do love my sunshine!

  • same problem with jasminum leaves turned brown what can I do
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Please post a photo of your plant as I believe the original poster’s plant was a Jasminum Polyanthum, and they are not very hardy so had some cold damage which also knocks back forming flower buds. 

    Your plant may not be the same. Is it growing in the ground and well established? 
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