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Arum lily / Zantedeschi growing conditions

mjd2000mjd2000 Posts: 87

I've just started gardening for a couple of ladies, and one of them wants to grow arum lilies in her border. She's bought them from the garden centre and they are just labelled as a generic 'zantedeschia'. According to the RHS zantedeschia should be grown in water, but other sites and forums say they can grow in the ground. I've no experience with these - how can I best grow them to flower and do well - and how big will they get?? Thank you for any advice. The border she wants them in is east facing on clay.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 32,482

    Mine grow in heavy clay soil near the pond,but not IN it.

    Don't let them dry out. In flower they're approaching 1m tall.

  • I have seen these growing wild in South Africa, they were in boggy conditions with partial shade. In this country they tolerate slightly drier and sunnier conditions.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 32,482


     This was taken on Feb 5th this year

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,172

    In the swan river area of Western Australia, they are a weed of boggy ground, and regarded as a nuisance.

    Here in the East Midlands, they are borderline hardy. I resorted to sinking them in a large bucket in the boggy area at the side of the pond, and then lifting and keeping frost free in the winter.

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  • They grow like weeds in SA, we had masses in a very boggy partially shady area and they thrived!  Here though, I've failed miserably so far image.  Mine this year seem to be attacked by what I assume are slugs... Does anyone have issues with theirs being munched? 

  • Here in Cornwall they stay reasonably green year round. If you can, make a wet area - maybe line a depression with polythene and back fill with rich organic muck - they will repay your efforts. Best to cover the crowns with a good thick mulch in Autumn as soon as the leaves have collapsed. Better still to plant them with a few inches of water over the crown. They will get about 1m tall in summer and make substantial clumps.

  • mjd2000mjd2000 Posts: 87

    Looks like they would be better off in a damp area of the garden. Thank you everyone!

  • Hi all. I have this growing in a damp area, it has never flowered, 4 years since it was planted. any advice?

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