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Newly planted clematis pruning guide?

Andy LeedsAndy Leeds Posts: 518

I've got a couple of clematis to plant (Nelly Moser and Hagley Hybrid) - probably in a week or 2.  They are both 'standard' 2 feet tall and both have buds all over.

I'm aware of the different pruning groups and what to do once established, however I'm getting mixed messages for how to treat them before they are established.

Some seem to say prune immediately after planting to the lowest set of buds, others say do the same in the following spring after planting.  Even more don't say anything about 'young' pruning.

Can I ask for your views on this?  I'd like to get some flowers this year, but if its strongly recommended to prune hard now then i'll sacrifice this year's blooms (sob!).


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,506

    You can leave themimage The hard pruning is because these clems flower best on new growth, and if left get taller and taller with 'bare legs'. Yours are small and young so all their growth is new!

    Prune them next spring if  you think it necessary, in some situations it isn't. For instance, I have a clem growing in a shady corner that goes up over the edge of a lowish wall and then rambles through a large cotoneaster. Lower flowers would be hidden by planting, I want to see them higher to brighten the shrub, so I only prune mine if it gets to be a messy tangle. If it's on a patio then you want flowers all the way up, so prune.

    Both of your clems are best planted in some shade, by the way, as they tend to fade in strong sunlightimage

  • Andy LeedsAndy Leeds Posts: 518
    Thanks Buttercupdays. Glad I don't need to give them the chop this year!

    Regarding them liking shade, looks like I've done my research ok for a change then - they are going next to each other against a north facing trellis - just hope it isn't too shady image
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,358

    Nelly does far better in that aspect Mark. It's very washed out and sickly looking otherwise. Never had the other one so can't comment on it.  imageimage

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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