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Trachycarpus Fortunei

I pruned the leaves of my Trachycarpus  Fortunei in 2014, last year their was 1 stem growing but stopped,  in 2015 it grew no further and this year, looks as though it may have died.

Doea anyone know if I did anything wrong in pruning?


  • TubbyTubby Posts: 8

    Thank you, it has no green leaves at all, so must be the end ????I intend to buy another one and will definitely remember your advice, thanks.

  • TubbyTubby Posts: 8

    Hi Phiippa, I bought a new one today which looks very healthy, thanks for the heads up re: soil, drainage   etc, I'm Cornish by birth and for me it's a little bit of Cornwall, there is a huge one in Porthcurno.

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