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Dying Photinia Red Robin

I have a large standard Photinia Red Robin which is approximately 15 feet high - in essence a small tree.  It didn't do particularly well last year, but this year it appears to be dying.  The leaves are hanging limply, have gone crisp and they are more brown than green.  It looks awful.  There is another smaller one close by which is doing brilliantly and has lots of shiny green and red leaves, as it should.  In comparison, the tree is dreadful.  There do appear to be growth tips but I'm not sure if they are still growing or not.

I'm desperate to save it  - any ideas please?

Thank you


  • Mine looks just the same.  It has been there for perhaps 15 years and needed little attaention, but now it looks just like the one you describe. The leaves are brownish red and limp, with no green on the plant at all.

    Sorry, I'm not helping! But you know you are not alone. 

    Thanks for your comments, Verdun. If it is phytophthora, should I get rid of the plant now to avoid spread to other shrubs? And will it persist in the soil to affect any new shrub I might put in its place?

  • Thanks, Verdun. Ithink it's bound for the wheelie bin. image

    But I would like to replace it with another shrub - it's in a border of (mostly) evergreen shrubs, which works well and is easy to maintain. I may have something I can move from elsewhere, but don't want to risk it if the soil may be contaminated.

  • Thank you for the information Verdun and Green Magpie.  It does sound like it's due for the chop.  That's a shame as it is such a beautiful lollipop shape and rather a feature of the border - although not now!  


  • I have got similar cases with the other gardeners of photinia leaves falling. It is in the large pot mixed with recommended soul and bone meal. I have had it for about one year and leaves are falling

    please advise



  • SandpiperSandpiper Posts: 3

    Hi casper,

    It died!  Completely and utterly dead. We've just about finished taking it out to put in something else. Nothing worked!  I hope you have more success.


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