Possibly a silly question, but if I were to sow hardy annuals now, to flower early next year, would they flower right through summer if I kept deadheading or would they be over by June?

Also if anyone would like to recommend any hardy annuals or perrenials (one's that I can grow from seed now) they like, that would be lovely image


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    There are no silly questions PaperFlowers.

    Yes you can sow Hardy annuals now, as long as they have made good strong plants by the time the frosts arrive, keep them in a cold frame or cold greenhouse over winter.


    They can then be planted out next spring ( I usually give them a week or two outside during the day and bring them in at night).

    Some say that they flower for longer by being over wintered.


    Recommendations - Cosmos, Cornflowers, Sweet Peas all do well for me, but I am sure others will have more extensive lists for you.


    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks Steve, that's very helpful. I hadn't realised they needed to be kapt under cover - I thought I could just sow them in the ground and leave them to get on with it!

  • You can sow hardy annuals in the autumn direct in the ground in the autumn-they will flower earlier than the ones sown in the spring-and dead heading will keep them going till the following autumn.

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    Sorry should have said you can sow direct also.  It's just my prefered method, thank you LG for pointing out my ommission.

  • I thought Cosmo and cornflowers where perennial ??



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    They're annuals but with any luck self seed freely.  If necessary you can then carefully transfer them to where you want them.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I doubt my cosmos will be self-seeding anywhere - I've only got two flowers! Hence wanting to get started a bit earlier this year!

    My plan is to sow seed in modules, put them out of the way somewhere and then plant them in any gaps as and when they arise. Some I may pot on and over-winter in pots. That sounds like it could work if they don't need to be under cover (no cover to be had in my garden).

  • so your going to make a seed raising bed 



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    Centura is a perennial Cornflower but Cosmos def Annual.


    My Cosmos this year were not sown until May, as illness and builders left me up a creek.  They have grown BIG and some have plenty of bud and a few flowers, others don't have anything showing yet except big healthy plants.  I'll try and get a pic or two later to show you.

    My half hardy annuals have done well this year given the late start (again not sown until May), but probably a good thing considering the cold spring.

    Hardy Annuals, rarely need the protection I afford them, but I live up the hill on the outskirts of town and it can be 3-4 C colder than in town and also very cold winds, so I like to keep my babies tucked up

    Perennials that you grow from seed this year I think will need some protection, you could wait until v early spring and sow them then, they may not flower 1st year (depends on plants), but will be fully hardy by that winter.



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    Hopefully these pics of my Comos will show...







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