I have a Morello cherry, about 4 years old, which I’m growing as a cordon on a north-west facing fence. It makes prodigious growth, I prune about 75% each year. However it has so far produced half a dozen cherries. I’m guessing the soil is too fertile in that spot of the garden but I can’t move it elsewhere. I have a similar aged dessert cherry which is producing a reasonable amount of fruit.  Is there any way I can encourage more fruit and less growth?


  • Acid cherries like Morello flower & fruit predominantly on the previous year's growth so I think you may be pruning back a bit too hard. I would try just cutting out enough wood to avoid overcrowding in early summer, leaving the older shoots to develop. Maybe try this treatment with half the bush next year and pruning back as you have been on the other half to see if it improves. It might also be worth feeding with a high potassium feed to encourage fruiting rather than growth. There are proprietary fruit feeds available but you could use a tomato feed. 

  • I didn't do anything with the young morello cherry I planted last year.  At one point I think I may have overwatered it as the leaves went a bit yellow soon after planting during the summer months.  I was amazed that I picked 2 1/2 lbs cherries recently for jam (it made 4 lbs using pectin powder).  Beginners luck, I reckon.  The tree is probably four foot plus.  I was interested that you were having luck with a dessert cherry as I know they are tricky.

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