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raised flower bed

I have a selected spot in the garden for  a raised annual flower bed only.


Purchased 12 mtrs of 150mm x 50mm treated softwood to frame an already raised area and making the bed 4mtrs long x 1.3mtrs wide.

We are advanced aged pensioners and want a bed of annual flowers which at the end of the flowering season we can then cover over with dark plastic to stop heavy growth of weeds and be ready to resow next spring.


What flowers do you recommend (sun in early morning and late afternoon)and which will be thick enough to keep down weeds during the flowering season. Can post a photo of the site if this is possible at this forum with advice necessary.



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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 14,382

    I grew most of those last year and French marigolds and Lavatera Silver Cup, but there were still weeds. It will need weeding, I expect, whatever you do.

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  • I'like add Nicotiana to the above suggestions, months of flowering and scented too

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