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Planting veg seedlings

Hi everyone. I took on an allotment last summer and spent the rest of the year clearing weeds and sowing green manure. Apart from strawberries, I have no experience of growing edibles and am hoping for a bit of advice.

Last Saturday I sowed some seeds and they had nearly all sprouted by Wednesday. Is this a bit too quick? They look ok but also look a bit tall. I know that I can plant some veg, like tomato, deeper, up to the first leaves, but can I do this for all veg?

At the moment  I have  Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cucumber,   Kale, Tomato & Squash.

I’m still waiting for Aubergine, Globe Artichoke & Leek to germinate.

Are there any of these seedlings that shouldn’t be planted up to the first leaves?


  • LeifUKLeifUK Posts: 573

    Tomatoes, augergines and chillis are tropical plants that may get leggy. Tomatoes and chillis can be replanted deeper. They should not be outdoors until late May or June. Isn't it a bit early for kale? My early carrots are popping up. Some beetroot, rocket, leeks and spring onions are sown. 

  • AnomanderAnomander Posts: 88
    Seedlings grow leggy indoors due to insufficient light. I can't comment on how deeply to plant anything other than tomatoes (perhaps also pumpkin/squash), I will advise caution on the globe artichokes from recent experience. Be very careful when transplanting them to minimise root disturbance and also not to cause the stems to break- they break VERY easily. It is better to plant the seeds in longer pots and leave them there until they are well established young plants. If sown in root trainers or other small pots, let them establish well and harden them off for a weekor two outside before you try to plant them out.
  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,188
    From experience I've sown very little this year, main sowing months will be Apr/May.

    Everything sown in April catch's up and it's a lot less labour intensive.

    I agree with above regarding toms, chillies and Aubergine's. You are probably alittle early with cues, squash and kale.

    You risk damping off by planting up to first leaves, sprinkling vermiculite around the stems will help prevent damping off by absorbing excess moisture when watering.
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