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Fellow gardeners, I require your plant guidance. My front garden is south facing, but just around the corner I have a partly shaded area with a wall around 6ft at a guess. In this area of the lawn I have a silver birch tree and use to have a very large cherry that was cut down last year so the soil is very dry and heavy, currently against the wall is a buddleja which is doing well but not much else. I've been trying to think up some ideas of how to make the space more wildlife friendly, I'm googling shrubs as a write this but feel I've hit a bit of a mental block. All ideas welcomed with many thanks! Sadly I don't have a photo of area to hand but you can just about see it in photo attached behind daffs.




  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    camellia? your name..foxgloves! bees love them and think they're happy in partial shade, i have a lovely rose 'zepherine drouhin' does well in shade it's a climber if you want to grow something up the wall, anything with single flowers good for bees and butterflies ( i think?)viburnum bodnantense supposed to be ok in part shade so good flowers & lovely scent for early spring too

  • Thank you!! image you have reminded me I have quite a few foxgloves in back so will bring some to the front. Zepherine drouhin looks gorgeous,I was thinking would be nice to have something climbing then maybe a few shrubs and teasels to attract more birds image

  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    mme alfred carrier is another rose which will flower in shade, maybe a honeysuckle too?

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