First time allotment owner in need of advise :)

Hi All!

You probably get this question a lot on here, but yesterday i took the plunge and signed up to get my first allotment, as my garden is pretty small and doesn't get much sun.

the land i have inherited is overgrown to say the least, with the top part quite flat but then sloping down at the bottom. The soil seems decent as the plots adjacent seem to have been well looked after over the winter and veg growing already. 

Just asking for advice on best ways of clearing the allotment of weeds/grass and then good things to plant for the first year?

there is a shed already on the plot (seems in a decent state and towards the rear corner) and i have some pallets ready to make a compost bin for the grass/weeds (where would be best to build it?)

any advise would be welcome image


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 13,643

    The best and most ecological way is to dig all the weeds out, just hard graft. The other way is to use a weedkiller, such as glyphosate, unless your allotment rules forbid it.

    First things I would sow, and can be done now, are broad beans, peas and onions or onion sets. Then potatoes. Later, when the ground warms up you can try anything really that takes your fancy. Read the seed packets. After the frosts have finished you can plant out tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and peppers. Build a frame for runner beans and sow them. They like manure and compost.

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  • Got to agree with Busy-Lizzie - Hard graft ! This is my second year and I had a similar sounding plot to clear last year... including brambles and nettles and lots of Alexanders - I just kept slogging away digging 'bite sized' chucks of it each time I visited and it was surprising how quickly it was all dug over. Of course weeds kept appearing all through the year but this year the weeding is so much easier after the winter - I expect neat year to be easier still! Keep at it - its so rewarding- I am writing this whilst cooking dinner - with some (not al) of the veggies from my plot - they taste all the better for being home grown !

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    Defo bit of hard graft but you'll love your plot at the end.

    This was mine before and now








  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 13,643

    Baza has worked really hard on his plot, has his own thread a bit like a blog.

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