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I have a large fig tree against a wall and wanted to give some more light to the plants underneith. So in spring I removed a good half of the branches from the base and now it has grown back even more than before! (Many branches from base)  Is there and thing I can do to stop this re-growth as I would like it to be a trained fig? Thank you


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Always remember 'Growth follows the Knife.'  This applies to all pruning.

    The best thing is to take whole branches out back to the main trunk.  If you just prune the smaller branches back they will re-grow with the result you have.  Be bold.

    If there is growth coming where you don't want it rub or cut out the shoot when it is small.  Do not allow too many growths from the base or you will end up with a thicket.  Tie in the branches to get a good shape and work from there.

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