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Moving a 6ft bamboo plant..

garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

Hi, a few months back i dug out and moved a large bamboo, growing well, good clump. Where i moved it too unfortunately now has to be moved again.

Before i do this, just asking, keen not for the plant to die - bamboos pretty hardy? ok to move 'spring time' . Any particular soil the moment seems happy enough in mixure of clay/general garden top soil/bit of compost.

I know when i move it, some of the stalks will fall away..ok to pull a few more off perhaps and plant them? take ok?


  • JerryBoneJerryBone Posts: 91

    I should imagine spring is fine to move bamboos. as they don't store nutrients in their roots they will not be too damaged from this. whereas deciduous plants will take a while to revive from this.

    I moved my bamboo in the middle of summer last year and from experience I would just say make sure the plant is fully secure in the ground (New position) as wind rock will cause big problems, and it will take a very long time to become established again, also make sure you water very frequently as bamboo appreciate lots of water, especially if they've been moved.

    Sorry I cant answer every question but I thought id just mention what I know from experience

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